Jenelle Is Very Angry

Jenelle Evans has a whole lot of time on her hands these days.

It’s been over a year since Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2, but rather than seeking employment that would enable her to support her children and stepchildren, she prefers to busy herself by documenting every second of her waking life.

This week, Jenelle finished her six-part YouTube series about her troubles with CPS.

It was late, of course, but the fact that she finished at all should tell you how bored she is these days.

Generally, this is not a woman with a ton of follow-through.

But the video project was a labor of pettiness and immaturity, two of Lowry’s defining characteristics.

As for all the other hours of the day when Evans has a camera in her face — well, that’s just pure narcissism, which might be Ms. Evans’ most abundant trait.

This usually means embarrassing Jenelle TikTok dances, but sometimes, she documents the thrills of sitting around the house on a Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s really, really hot out here, so I have a bikini on,” explained in a recent Instagram Story.

Jenelle seems to always have a bikini on these days, which is a testament to the sloth-like …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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