Xbox Series X

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Seven years after the ill-fated launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft is about to launch a new video game console that far better represents the vision of the Xbox.

I’ve spent the last two weeks using the $500, next-gen Xbox Series X — the more powerful of two new Xbox consoles that are scheduled to launch on November 12. It’s a fast, sleek, modern-feeling console with a ton of power.

But you expect that much, right? We’re talking about a $500 video game console in the year 2020. It better be fast and sleek and quiet and powerful.

What’s been most critical to me as a daily user has been how easy it is to use the Series X. Nearly everything about how the console operates is an invitation to action.

Menus are snappy, and jumping from game to streaming app to game is a breeze. When you need to load a game or an app, they tend to load very fast. This last point cannot be overstressed: Game loads on the Series X are very fast. And load times within games — say, if you’re killed by demons in “DOOM Eternal” or get beat up by some jerk in “Yakuza: Like a …read more

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