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When long-time Target executive Christy Anderson left the retailer in spring 2017 to join non-profit hospital chain Banner Health as executive director of its innovation group, she quickly made some key changes that helped the unit flourish. 

At the time, it was structured into three different cohorts based upon insurance type, including private providers and federal programs like Medicare. The framework didn’t make sense to Anderson, because all the teams were developing applications that could serve a wide variety of patient needs, regardless of their insurance.

So she reorganized the department, keeping the basic framework of three distinct teams but changing the focus of each. She now oversees an internal innovation lab that aims to build products to solve problems within Banner and for its patients, a venture group that looks for external solutions to invest in, and a team focused on overhauling the organization’s culture and aligning its IT goals with the overall business strategy.

This kind of transformation is an increasingly common one across corporate America as companies look to formalize and centralize their innovation efforts instead of managing a patchwork of bespoke initiatives that may only be catered to one specific business unit or …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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