Demi Lovato’s 2020 has been about as tumultuous as everybody else’s 2020. First, she met Max Ehrich and fell head over heels for him, moving him in so they could quarantine together before she’d learned how to spell his last name. Then came a highly staged lockdown engagement with a bonkers ring and plenty of ‘happy’ tears. Finally someone exposed Max for the creepy star chaser he was and Demi kicked him to the curb. In the midst of all this personal nightmare, there is the global nightmare that is COVID and the national nightmare of the Trump presidency.

Demi refocused her attention from her wastrel ex to the election, which is terrifying to all of us. And like the rest of us, Demi is encouraging people to get out and vote. But while she’s at it, Demi decided to remind folks of all the offenses the current POTUS has committed against his people. She wrapped her thoughts up in a new song called Commander in Chief (posted below). The song isn’t to my taste, but it is passionate, and I certainly agree with everything Demi says in it. However, not everyone does agree …read more

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