Rosemarie Vega with a Rose

This summer, we reported that Big Ed Brown is filming again for 90 Day Fiance.

It looks like he’s trying to get in shape before he returns to the spotlight, because he just shared a workout pic. Yes, really.

Before we get into Big Ed Brown’s gym photo that is making the rounds, we should talk about what Rosemarie is up to.

It’s relevant.

Also, her latest photos are showing her with a more polished look and flaunting gorgeous new hair.

Rose hopes to use her brush with 90 Day Fiance fame to support herself, her son, and her family.

That means upgrading her look and her social media content, as so many other 90 Day Fiance stars have done towards the same end.

She looks great — and some fans wonder if jealousy over the positive attention that she is receiving is what is driving her ex to try to “compete.”

This week, Ed took to Instagram to post a photo of himself working out.

Specifically, he appears to be doing strength training on his arms using resistance equipment.

The effort that he is exerting is visibly apparent on his face in the photo, which is well lit. We’d expect no less …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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