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Harvard Medical School was awarded top billing in US News & World Report’s 2020 list of the best medical schools for research in the United States. This should come as no surprise to students aspiring to study there, as the third-oldest medical school in the country has long been considered one of the most prestigious.

The most recent intake of students, according to Harvard Medical School’s website, saw 6,815 applications, with an average MCAT of 519.06 and GPA of 3.9. Of those applications, the school reported, 948 — roughly one in seven — were invited for an on-campus interview, and there was a final intake of just 165 candidates, meaning just over 2% of people who applied to Harvard Medical School went on to become students in 2019. 

In such a competitive playing field, it’s key to stand out from the crowd. The Committee on Admissions at Harvard Medical evaluates applications based on a number of factors after students have already achieved those expected lofty grades. Students will need to put together comprehensive application essays, letters of recommendation, and information about research, life experience, volunteer work, and other extracurricular activities.

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