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Drivers are essential computer programs that help Windows communicate properly with devices like video and sound cards, hard drives, USB ports, and more. Many applications have their own drivers as well.

Without properly updated drivers, your computer won’t work. That’s why it’s important to understand what drivers are, and how to use them.

How device drivers in Windows work

Windows is designed in a way that its specific parts — everything from components inside the computer to the cables you plug into USB ports — are “abstracted.” This means that every part of the computer is run separately, and if one thing breaks, the rest of the computer can usually keep working.

This also means that when a company builds an app or a new component for your computer, they don’t have to worry about breaking the entire computer with their one update. They only have to provide a single driver that Windows will use to run that single app or component.

Drivers help Windows communicate properly with the app or component, making sure it can perform every function it needs. Without drivers, Windows doesn’t know how to function, and everything crashes.


Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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