Xbox Series X|S gamepad

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The new Xbox gamepad, built for the next-gen Xbox consoles that launch this November, is a familiar, evolutionary step in the history of gamepads.

It looks almost exactly like the Xbox One controller — so much that, without taking a moment, it’s easy to get them confused. The controllers feel very similar as well, at least initially. All the buttons are in the same places, and the only visual difference is with the d-pad.

But actually using the gamepad is where the differences become apparent: A subtly-textured grip has been added around back, as well as to each trigger. The triggers land to a satisfying (and thankfully quiet) rubber thud. The menu buttons in the center are clickier than ever, and a new dedicated screenshot button has been added.  

It’s a lot of little details that add up to an evolutionary step forward for the Xbox gamepad: It feels familiar, and comfortable, and surprisingly new.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been using this gamepad with an Xbox Series X console — the same console that people will get on November 10 

In that time, I’ve played mostly backwards compatible games from the prior two Xbox console generations (Xbox 360 and Xbox One), as …read more

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