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During last year’s iPhone launch, Apple quietly unveiled a brand-new chip with little fanfare: the U1. The chip, which first appeared in the iPhone 11, enables devices to more easily detect and connect to other nearby gadgets using ultra-wideband technology.

It didn’t get much attention during last September’s iPhone keynote, and Apple didn’t say much about how the chip will power new iPhone features at the time.

But now, more than a year later, we’re getting a deeper understanding of Apple’s plans for the technology. The U1 chip has become part of Apple’s most high-profile products, from the new iPhone 12 lineup to the Apple Watch Series 6 and HomePod Mini.

The inclusion is telling of Apple’s vision for the future of mobile devices and the smart home, particularly that the U1 chip is going to play a big role in how these gadgets seamlessly connect and interact with one another. That’s especially important for Apple, which stakes its reputation on the convenience of its ecosystem and how easily its products work together. 

Take the new HomePod Mini as an example. During Tuesday’s keynote, Apple showcased how the new HomePod Mini could understand when your iPhone was nearby …read more

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