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Amid a historic civil rights movement in the US following the death of George Floyd, top companies like Microsoft and Wells Fargo pledged to review their hiring practices and improve their diversity scorecards. 

Now, an artificial intelligence-backed startup called Findem is emerging from stealth mode on Wednesday to help recruiters fulfill that mission, alongside other human resources department needs.

Findem has raised a $7.3 million Series A led by Wing Venture Capital, with the firm’s founding partner, Gaurav Garg, joining the startup’s board of directors. 

Findem’s platforms aims to help HR and recruitment professionals make more data-driven decisions, tapping a burgeoning but potentially lucrative market that is projected to grow 14.2% in the next seven years and reach a value of over $6 billion.

“The resume — the static piece of information — that is an advertisement for the candidate and what the candidate wants to talk about,” cofounder and CEO Hariharan Kolam told Business Insider. “In order to have context around it, it needs to be partnered with more enormous amounts of data.”

Findem’s software combines publicly available information, like LinkedIn profiles, with internal HR data provided by the customer to help talent teams search for candidates based …read more

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