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Coronavirus has pushed every industry to face the present and future simultaneously with caution, resilience, and innovation. 

This is especially true for the beauty and fashion industry, which is perhaps one of the most accustomed to change, as it adapts to new trends and consumer behaviors on a monthly, if not daily, basis. The pandemic is yet another shift that will define what we wear, how we shop, and whose style we emulate for years to come. 

Retail, for example, has been shifting online for more than a decade, but quarantine put ecommerce brands in the fast lane since they are instantly accessible to at-home shoppers. 

“Now, brands are required to innovate at an accelerated pace in order to survive,” Manish Chandra, CEO and cofounder of Poshmark, told Business Insider. 

We asked founders in beauty and fashion how their companies have pivoted in response to the pandemic and how their industries — and the world — will change as a result. 

Below are their responses as told to Business Insider.

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