Britney spears frightens fans with manic behavior in bizarre ins

Britney Spears has endured quite the chaotic summer, and it seems she’s ready to welcome the cooler temperatures and brighter foliage of fall.

Unfortunately, her video about the transition between the seasons has left fans deeply concerned.

The clip shows Britney rocking back and forth as she nervously delivers what appears to be a scripted monologue.

“Ok, so yesterday I felt like it was the beginning of fall, I pulled out all of my jackets, and the next day it was really hot. It was really confusing,” Spears said.

“Anyhow, this summer has been so much fun for me…I learned so much, I laughed so much, I swam so much,” she continued.

“But the most important thing that I did learn is that life has so many spontaneous gifts at each moment. Sometimes we need to slow down and learn how to embrace them all,” Britney concluded.

“Anyways, I hope your summer was as good as mine, and God bless you all.”

There’s nothing all that unusual about the words she said, but it’s the manner in which she delivered them that has fans concerned.

As you’re probably aware, concerns about Spears’ mental health have been quite prevalent in recent months, as she’s continued to wage a …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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