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A few years ago, just 2.5% of US employees worked from home. When the pandemic forced the closures of workplaces from coast to coast, this number peaked in June at 42%. Although this percentage might have dropped to as low as 24% over the last few months, a recent study estimated that 37% of US jobs can be done from home. An uptick in remote work from here on out is imminent.

For managers now working from home, leading a team virtually presents new challenges. And because the pandemic changed the work environment so drastically and so quickly, our advice for managers is yet to catch up. 

The virtual leadership reminders currently floating around the infosphere are straightforward. Leaders should touch-up on their technical skills, focus on building trust, and encourage social cohesion through regular team check-ins. These are accurate and helpful, but virtual work is here to stay and moving quickly. It’s time to go deeper. Below are five overlooked, evidence-based recommendations for leading in today’s virtual work environment. 

1. Pay attention to emergent leadership

Ideally, everyone on the team steps up as a leader when their knowledge or skills are needed. However, this …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Strategy


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