Amber Portwood with Child

You know how the old adage goes, right?

That no news is good news?

This may hold true in some cases, but in the case of Amber Portwood, Teen Mom OG fans across the globe are saying something very different:

Wait, what? There’s been no news about her for multiple months? What is going on and is she okay?!?

Portwood, as you very likely know, was arrested in July of 2019 for domestic assault after she allegedly got into an ugly altercation with then-boyfriend and second baby daddy Andrew Glennon.

According to multuple reports, Portwood screamed and yelled at Glennon in front of the estranged couple’s son, James, prior to throwing a shoe at Andrew and then trying to attack him after Glennon locked himself in the bathroom.

Amber supposedly pulled a machete out and tried to break down the door behind which Andrew and James were hiding.

Just crazy and harrowing and scary stuff all around.

Following this arrest, Portwood made headlines on a near-daily basis.

She and Glennon trashed each other often on social media, with the latter detailing what transpired between him and Amber last summer and also talking at length the fate of James, who was kept away from his mother for a lengthy period …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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