Vicki Gunvalson Makes a Face

Despite her many scandals, Kelly Dodd married Rick Leventhal just days ago.

Somehow, the newlywed still made time to insult her ex-rival, Vicki Gunvalson. Now Vicki is clapping back — brutally.

“While I’ve addressed the gold-digging harlot known as Kelly Dodd before,” Vicki Gunvalson’s response to Celeb Magazine begins.

She continues: “it seems like she wants to rumble with the Queen.”

“So,” Vicki decrees, “I’m going to give her the response she is so desperately seeking.”

“In an Instagram comment,” Vicki observes., “Kelly recently referred to me as a ‘pig.’”

Sadly, this is far from the first time that Kelly has used this very specific insult about Vicki. But there is more.

“And,” she continues, Kelly “said I had a ‘gross, funky body.’”

“First of all,” Vicki notes, “she’s calling me a pig as she knows this is something that offended me in the past and ridiculously childish.”

There was a lot of Kelly calling Vicki a pig just last season — at one point, resulting in Vicki’s tears and Kelly making (brief) peace with her.

“So,” Vicki announces, “I’m going to take ownership of the term and throw it back at her.”

“Kelly Dodd is the true meaning of a …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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