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An economic advisor to Donald Trump was filmed describing his performance in the recent debate against Joe Biden as “crappy” in newly-released footage from earlier this month.

Stephen Moore, who Trump has previously described as “a great pro-growth economist and a truly fine person”, made the remarks earlier this month at the Election Protection Summit in Washington organised by pro-Trump group FreedomWorks.

“It was not a great performance by Trump; in fact, I thought it was a pretty crappy performance,” he told the crowd, in footage published by Huff Post and acquired by Wisconsin-based watchdog Documented.

Moore also said that Trump had put in an “awful” performance in his first debate with Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton in the run-up to the 2016 election.

“Oh my God, he was so bad in that debate, just awful,” Moore reportedly said at the event on October 2.

However, he added that Trump had “rallied” and “clobbered” Clinton in the next debate and that “God willing” that is “what’s going to happen” at the next debate between Trump and Biden before next month’s presidential election.

Moore added that he thought the election would be a “really tight.”

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Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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