“Behind the Drag” aims to showcase the off-stage lives of some of America’s most talented drag queens. The intimate series gives us the opportunity to meet the people behind our favorite over-the-top drag queens.


Tiffany Fantasia doesn’t mince words. She’s proud to be a “greasy b***h.”
“Don’t be a dry h*e. Be a greasy b***h,” the Miami-based drag queen tells In The Know, quoting her catchphrase. “Be fun. Live your life.”
And Fantasia has certainly done just that in her 15-year career as a drag queen. Her story is one of resilience and self-realization, starting from childhood. As a child, Fantasia says she spent a lot of time in “hiding,” partly due to a verbally abusive father.
“He made me scared to express myself in certain ways,” she says. “When drag came around, it was like ‘Oh my goodness, I can express myself how I want to with no problem.’ I can be me with no restrictions.”

Credit: In The Know

The South Florida queen always loved performing, having childhood dreams of being an R&B singer. “That did not happen,” Fantasia says with a laugh. “I just ended up lip-syncing my favorite singers’ songs.”
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