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When Princess Diana died in Paris on the last day of August in 1997, her sons were in Scotland, at the Queen’s summer home of Balmoral. They had been at Balmoral for weeks. When Prince Charles flew to Paris to bring home the body of his late ex-wife, he left his sons in the care of his family. Harry and William would stay at Balmoral for days, barely being seen in public, until Tony Blair finally convinced the Queen to return to London with Charles and the boys. One of the first things the Queen and Charles did when they returned to London was put Harry and William on display, greeting the mourners outside the palace. The boys looked shellshocked. But there was additional drama to come: the decision to have William and Harry walk behind their mother’s casket, on display, for the walk to Westminster Abbey.

Harry has spoken of his long-term pain of that, of being made to walk behind Diana’s casket, and he’s said outright that he should have never been made to do it. The story goes that Prince Philip was the …read more

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