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Keeping our devices protected (internally speaking) is more valuable than we let on. From keeping our passwords secure to protecting our identities while browsing the web, these are aspects of regular tech use that many of us take for granted.

Shop: Yahoo Protect Premium, $12.99 Per Month (Amazon Prime Promotion Included)*

Credit: Yahoo

What is Yahoo Protect Premium?
What is included with Yahoo Protect Premium?

McAfee Virus and Malware Protection: Protect up to five devices (including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets)

LastPass: Easily store all of your passwords in one safe place, your LastPass vault

Assist by Yahoo: Get around-the-clock tech support over the phone for devices in your house (including computers, smart TVs, tablets, printers, network, etc.)

Yahoo Plus Support: Get around-the-clock phone support for your Yahoo account

Credit: Yahoo

How do I sign up and redeem my free Amazon Prime membership?

Credit: Yahoo

Can I take advantage of this deal if I’m already an Amazon Prime member?

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