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Everyone has a favorite playlist on Spotify — and if that playlist is one that someone else created, you can follow it easily. Following a Spotify playlist allows you to stay updated whenever a new song is added to the list. 

If you’re using the mobile app, you just have to tap “Follow” at the top of the playlist. In the desktop app, you’ll click a heart icon. Once you do this, the playlist will appear with the rest of your playlists, and can be listened to at any time.

Here’s how to follow a playlist on Spotify, using either the desktop app, or the mobile app.

How to follow a playlist on the Spotify desktop app

1. Open the Spotify app on your computer and find the playlist you want to follow, either by searching for it or by going through the “Browse” tab at the top right of the app.

2. Once you’ve opened the playlist you want, click the heart icon near the top of the page, next to the green “Play” button. The heart should turn white once you’ve followed the playlist.

You can also click the three dots and select “Save to Your Library.” Either option will follow …read more

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