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Like the name of the profession itself, the business of ghostwriting has an air of mystery about it. 

Ghostwriting, in case you didn’t know, generally involves crafting written content for someone else and giving that person all (or at least most) of the byline credit as the author of the piece. You might write up anything from speech scripts to blog posts to entire books. A wide variety of individuals and companies hire ghostwriters to pen pieces for them, including CEOs and high-level executives, public speakers, and celebrities. 

Even well-known authors — who lack the bandwidth to generate enough content to keep a constant stream of thought leadership flowing online — have been known to tap ghostwriters for assistance.

If you want to become a ghostwriter, though, it can be challenging to find definitive information about how to break into the industry, find clients, and price your work. So Business Insider interviewed Annastasia Kamwithi, who increased her income from ghostwriting in just three years from $10,000 a year to around $80,000 a year, for her best advice.

A layoff leads to an opportunity to ghostwrite

Kamwithi discovered ghostwriting three years ago, after she lost her job as a banker with Co-operative Bank Limited …read more

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