Briana DeJesus Loooks Upset

Last month, we learned that Briana DeJesus is dating a guy named Javi.

No, it’s not Javi Marroquin, but a new Javi who has been sucked into Bri’s whirlwind life.

It looks as though Briana and Javier Gonzalez have only been dating seriously for a few weeks, but already, their relationship is loaded with drama.

First, Briana quit Teen Mom 2 in order to acomodate her new boo.

It seems Javi didn’t want to take a Covid test, which meant the Orlando unit had to shut down production for safety reasons.

Now, Bri and Javi are involved in a very different sort of drama.

Have me mentioned that these two have been dating for, like, a month?

It’s important to bear that in mind as you read about the second episode of Briana and Javi drama in as many weeks.

This time, it has to do with Briana constantly referring to Javi as her baby daddy.

She posted the photo above last week, and for obvious reasons, it got fans talking.

Bri didn’t respond to the speculation, but she did post a second pic, in which she once again hinted that she and Gonzalez are expecting a child together.

“She’s already pregnant,” one follower commented.

Others, however, suspected …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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