Maleficent: Mistress of Evil European Premiere at BFI IMAX, London

Just some Angelina Jolie updates, there are some smaller pieces of news making the rounds about her. First off, she’s written another Time essay, this time about the pandemic and what’s happening during the pandemic with women and women’s rights – you can read the piece here. Jolie is a Time contributor and during the lockdown, she’s been doing a lot of Zooms with and for Time Magazine.

The trailer for Angelina’s latest movie has been released. The film is called Come Away, and it’s based on the characters from Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. She stars with David Oyelowo. I guess this is supposed to be a straight-up kids movie or family movie, but I’m not 100% sure the kids will really understand all of the Alice and Peter Pan references?

At least we get to hear Angelina’s British accent again. Like in Lara Croft, or her hokey accent in Maleficent, or any of the other accents she’s attempted over the years. I love her but accent work isn’t her strength! The rest of it looks… I don’t know, like a really strange concept for a film? …read more

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