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Patrick Smith is an author, aviation blogger, and commercial airline pilot.
He compiled a list of commonly misunderstood airline terms for his site, AskThePilot.
We’ve selected 24 of the most common, words you may have heard during a recent flight without knowing exactly what the pilot meant. Read on to find out.
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For most of us, flying is still an inherently mysterious activity.

To shed some light on the world of commercial air travel, Business Insider turned to Patrick Smith for some answers. Smith is not only an author and aviation blogger, but he is also a long-time commercial airline pilot flying Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 jets.

Smith, who wrote “Cockpit Confidential,” compiled a glossary of commonly misunderstood airline jargon on his website, AskThePilot.

According to Smith, some of the terms are highly technological while others are quite humorous and even a bit absurd. Here’s a selection of entries:

This article was originally published by Benjamin Zhang in April 2017. It was updated by David Slotnick in March 2020.

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