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Voting in the 2020 election ends in just 21 days, but there’s still plenty of time to vote and make it count if you haven’t cast a ballot yet. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many new challenges to voting. But election officials are working hard so you still most likely have multiple safe options to cast a ballot in your state. 

More states than ever are offering mail-in and early voting as an alternative to voting in-person on Election Day for those who are concerned about possible exposure to COVID-19, with most also giving voters the option to drop off their mail-in ballots in-person and to track the status of their ballot online. 

It’s also still safe to vote in-person, experts say, with the necessary precautions like social distancing in the polling place and wearing a mask. 

Here are 12 interactive graphics, charts, and maps Insider created to answer your most common questions about voting in 2020: 

What is the deadline to register to vote?

Voter registration deadlines have already passed in many states and are coming up soon in others. 

Twenty-one states and DC currently allow voters to register to vote on Election Day or during early voting …read more

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