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Skincare has become a new quarantine obsession for many who turn to social-media platforms, especially TikTok, to learn about new products, routines, and ways to treat their skin.

But influencer Young Yuh’s skincare journey started well before 2020.

“When I was in sixth or seventh grade, I had gnarly acne on my forehead,” Yuh, the face behind the viral TikTok account “yayayayoung,” told Business Insider. 

And when all the tricks he had been trying on his own didn’t work, he forced his mother to take him to a dermatologist.

“The dermatologist did this crazy procedure where she got this like, metal scraper and she scraped it along my forehead,” he said. The doctor put a cream on his skin and prescribed him a four-day skincare set. Within days, his acne disappeared.

“I was like, what is this?” Yuh said. “What is this sorcery?” Ever since, Yuh had been intrigued by skincare.

“I will skip meals just to do my skincare,” he joked.

In 2017, Yuh started his social-media career by doing product reviews and sharing his routines on Instagram and YouTube. But his popularity snowballed with the rise of TikTok, where he has over 1 million followers.

He posted his first TikTok in March and …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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