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We’re spending a lot more time using web conferencing tools like Zoom these days than we used to. And no matter where you work, it always seems like there’s one person whose microphone makes their voice sound less like silk and more like scrap metal.

If you’re going to be using programs like Zoom often, you need to know how to improve your audio quality. This’ll make sure that everyone can understand your voice, improving any meeting.

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How to improve Zoom audio quality

Here are a few ways to improve the sound on your Zoom calls.

Use a high quality microphone

This might sound obvious, but it’s probably the single most important factor when improving your audio.

Although the microphone built into your laptop or webcam probably works fine, it won’t have anywhere near the fidelity or quality of an actual independent microphone. If you’re going to be on calls often, consider investing in a decent external microphone.

Aside from inherently sounding better, having an external microphone lets you know exactly where you should be speaking. You can position the microphone — and yourself — however you like.

If you don’t want a fully external microphone, at least …read more

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