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The Trump administration has pivoted from the US’s policy of strategic ambiguity toward China, to open rivalry over the last few weeks.
And in that time it has announced a slew of aggressive policies toward China with little explanation of what it plans to do in the event that China retaliates.
If that sounds intense, that’s because it is. We’ve gone from zero to Mad Max with China, and officials in Beijing know it’s going to stay this wild all the way leading up to the November election.
This is an environment where mistakes, misunderstandings, and accidents can make a terrible impact on relations between the US and China, and the world.
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One month President Trump’s former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, publishes a White House memoir exposing him as weak on China. The next, Trump is throwing a veritable kitchen sink of aggressive policies at Beijing in an effort to look tough ahead of the November election.

If that kind of belligerent 180 between two world powers seems dangerous to you, that’s because it is. Until (and if) Trump leaves office in January, relations …read more

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