Sahil Lavingia

Gumroad CEO and early Pinterest employee Sahil Lavingia will announce details of his new VC fund next week.
Lavingia is creating a “rolling fund,” a new type of fund operated by AngelList that allows investors to pay up on a quarterly basis and cancel if they’re dissatisfied.
Lavingia said he was drawn to the rolling fund model because it requires little effort, allowing him to keep his CEO job while operating a fund on the side.
Rolling funds were introduced by AngelList earlier this year to allow new VCs to depart from the fundraising methods of traditonal venture firms that raise large amounts from fund investors over an extended time period.
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Sahil Lavingia never considered getting into venture capital until AngelList introduced its new “rolling fund” model earlier this year. As the CEO of e-commerce site Gumroad, he never had time.

“I’m sort of gainfully employed,” Lavingia told Business Insider. “So that was just never on the table for me. I’d really never considered being a VC for that purpose.”

But Lavingia was intrigued by the rolling fund model, which allows investors to “subscribe” to a fund, paying relatively low amounts into it on a quarterly basis. …read more

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