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The Trump administration’s plans to pull thousands of troops from Germany, moving them elsewhere in Europe and back to the US, elicited backlash at home and abroad.
Trump isn’t the first US leader to want to reduce the US contribution to Europe’s defense, but he hasn’t addressed a more consequential part of that commitment, writes Christopher Layne, a professor of international affairs at Texas A&M University
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President Donald Trump wants to withdraw roughly 12,000 US troops from Germany, saying Berlin is “delinquent” and should be doing more to bear the costs of stationing troops there. He is hardly the first American policymaker to feel that the Europeans aren’t paying their “fair share” of NATO’s defense costs.

Although transatlantic burden sharing tiffs are a hearty perennial for NATO, Trump’s troop withdrawal plan overlooks an even more important issue: risk sharing. This goes back to the Cold War when NATO lacked sufficient conventional forces to repulse a Soviet assault. Hence, NATO strategy relied on America’s “nuclear umbrella,” based on the first use of nuclear weapons.

Today, the Baltic States are the new NATO-Russia fault line. The alliance is incapable of defending the Baltics with …read more

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