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Federal unemployment benefits officially lapsed on Friday, and lawmakers continue talks to negotiate an extension but have yet to come to an agreement.
A new interactive map from the US Chamber of Commerce lets you compare the impact of each proposal on your state and its unemployment benefits.
Every proposed plan has a weekly supplement, ranging from $400-$600.
States with the highest increase of coronavirus cases might see the biggest drop in unemployment benefits.
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As federal employment benefits officially run out, the US Chamber of Commerce released an interactive map that will show users what their unemployment benefits would look like for each proposed plan.

On Thursday, Senate Democrats blocked a GOP proposal that would’ve continued federal benefits but would have cut the $600 bonus to $200. The Senate Democrats proposal had a $3 trillion stimulus and continued the $600 benefit until January 2021.

Earlier this week, the HEALS Act was announced by the GOP, which cuts back unemployment benefits by 44% during the first two months the $200 supplement would be in place. States seeing the largest surge in coronavirus cases would be the same states to see benefits slashed the most.

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