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Lizzo has gone on a vegan diet during lockdown, which is the time to try it. If you’re going to take on any kind of major change, might as well do it when we should be staying home. (Personally I’ve just piled more work onto my normal home and virtual workload, which was dumb but it’s my new normal and I’m sticking with it.) Lizzo has been focusing on wellness, with workout videos, meditation, and now veganism. She posted videos to TikTok showing what she eats in a day and it looks good and not. She even has recipes for hangovers. You can see the video here and here’s what she said:

This is a breakfast smoothie I like to make with coconut water, whatever kale or spinach I have and frozen fruit. This is a salad that I love to make. This one has kale, red cabbage, some broccoli and a slice of avocado, some white onions and some carrots. For a snack I have this hummus from the farmer’s market and I used to eat a bunch of hot cheetos, that was not good for my acid reflux. These [Lesser Evil Paleo …read more

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