Jenelle Sells

Jenelle Evans has said some pretty ridiculous things during her time in the spotlight.

Remember when she tried to tell her lawyer that she couldn’t go to jail because she had to go to a Kesha concert instead?

“That’s why I got all these feathers in my hair,” she lamented. “Because of the concert.”

That’s just one example — throughout her time on Teen Mom 2 and in this weird period after she got fired, she’s said just so many bad things.

Some of them have been silly, like the thing about jail and the feathers in her hair.

Others have been really hateful, like the time she allegedly called ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp the N-word, or the time she told Nathan Griffith’s brother, who was in the military, that she wished he’d have died in combat.

And then there are the times that she says just really damaging, depressing things that barely make sense.

That’s the category of Jenelle-isms that we’re going to talk about today.

OK, so to give a little background, David Eason is the absolute worst, right?

She left him last fall — she took the kids and moved to Nashville, and she got a restraining order against him after providing proof …read more

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