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The level of activism that came after George Floyd’s death feels more impactful than ever.
We have already seen encouraging police reforms in response to protesters’ demands.
Protesters’ ability to enact change will depend on whether they can set up an infrastructure beyond the barricades.
Dana R. Fisher is a professor of sociology at the University of Maryland.
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After four weeks of protests across the US and around the world, it is clear that the activism that was sparked by the killing of George Floyd is different. Although some worry that confrontational protest will lead to a public opinion backlash, the majority of Americans approve of the activism in the streets. One of the most important questions about the protests is whether the high general approval and sustained engagement by protesters will be enough to translate the current momentum into lasting social change in our country. Based on conversations with and data collected from protesters over the past few weeks, there is a good chance that lasting change may come from this moment.

How to create lasting change

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