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Trump administration policies at home and abroad have strained relations with countries all over the world.
Those strains have been felt acutely in Australia, a country already wary of Trump, which is now increasingly at odds with both the US and China.
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The Trump administration’s confrontational approach at home and abroad have tarnished the US’s standing with one of its most important allies: Australia.

President Donald Trump’s poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic and hardline response to widespread protests against systemic racism and police brutality have further dismayed Australians who were already wary of Trump’s leadership and done so at a time when Canberra is struggling to deal with China.

Those domestic and foreign tensions were joined in Lafayette Park, in front of the White House, on June 1, when law enforcement forcefully dispersed a crowd of protesters, allowing Trump to take part in a photo op at a nearby church.

Caught in that crowd was a team of Australian journalists, whose beating by US police was broadcast into Australian homes and drew an official complaint.

“It’s really a jarring scene for a lot of Australians who have a cultural affinity …read more

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