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Facebook faces a growing advertiser boycott over its failure to curb hate speech on the social network.
Unlike many previous scandals that Facebook has weathered, this directly impacts its bottom line.
The company has announced a bunch of new rules and changes intended to appease its critics.
But some civil rights groups say it’s not enough, and the situation will only get more heated as the 2020 US election approaches.

Coca-Cola. Verizon. Unilever. Honda. The North Face. Patagonia. REI. The list keeps growing.

Over the past week, growing numbers of high-profile brands have signed on to boycott Facebook’s advertising throughout July, in protest at its perceived inaction on hate speech. The Silicon Valley-based social networking giant has faced angry brand boycotts before — but never on this scale.

Facebook is now scrambling to make peace, announcing a slew of new rules and features around safeguarding elections and tackling hate speech, while seeking to reassure advertisers that it is committed to tackling the societal issues to which it has been accused of contributing.

For years now, Facebook has stumbled from scandal to scandal, from its role in spreading hate speech that fueled genocide in Myanmar to political firm Cambridge Analytica’s misappropriating the sensitive data of tens of …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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