Takeout cocktail kits at Austin restaurant Loro have helped the restaurant continue business through COVID shutdowns.

The coronavirus pandemic has altered alcohol laws to allow serving drinks to go.
These businesses capitalized on the opportunity, but recommended you familiarize yourself with the law before following suit.
Make sure that you’re offering something unique that patrons couldn’t order elsewhere, and make accessing it easy for the customer.
And consider what your to-go offering could look like after the pandemic ends.
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In most of the US, walking out of a business with a cocktail in hand is illegal. Or it was, until stay-at-home orders flooded the country and many states relaxed laws in an effort to help save restaurants that were forced to shut down. Now, more than 20 states have given temporary orders allowing businesses to continue serving alcohol, albeit in a different format — and entrepreneurs have jumped on the opportunity.

Three businesses shared their strategies for finding success in switching to to-go service through COVID-19 and beyond.

Understand the law and how to work within it

“Once you understand the laws and what’s legal, then it becomes a little easier for you to decide how you want to approach it,” said Jason Kosmas, beverage director for Loro, an Asian smokehouse and bar …read more

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