A huge new game called “Valorant” is rapidly becoming the next big thing in gaming.
“Valorant” broke Twitch records when its closed beta went live in April, with nearly 2 million concurrent viewers watching streams of the game.

It’s the first major new game from the studio behind “League of Legends,” and it’s a departure into a new genre: online, competitive, team-based multiplayer shooters. The gameplay is best-described as a mix of “Counter-Strike” and “Overwatch.”
Best of all: “Valorant” is entirely free to play. The game is coming out of closed beta and available for everyone as of June 2, Riot announced on May 21.
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You may not have heard of “Valorant” just yet, but you will soon enough.

The free-to-play first-person shooter is almost certainly the “next big thing” in gaming — look no further than its record-breaking debut on Twitch in April, where nearly 2 million people were watching streamers play the closed beta at the same time.

So, what’s the deal? Why is “Valorant” blowing up? Here’s what’s going on:

“Valorant” is a free-to-play first-person shooter that’s best described as a mix of “Counter-Strike” and “Overwatch.”

In “Valorant,” teams of five race to achieve an objective: Plant …read more

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