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Several states have presented COVID-19 data in ways that might misrepresent their outbreaks and response efforts as they attempt to reopen, according to news reports.
Texas, Virginia, and Vermont reportedly combined tests for active and past cases, inflating their perceived testing capacities.
Florida, Georgia, and Arizona have been accused of trying to downplay case counts by fudging numbers or silencing coronavirus researchers.
As all 50 states at least partially reopen, accurate data is crucial to preventing, detecting, and containing potential surges of new cases.
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As new coronavirus case counts appear to slow and decline in parts of the US, all 50 states have started easing lockdown restrictions.

Public health experts have repeatedly warned that states risk triggering new waves of cases if they reopen prematurely, without robust information about who’s infected as well as data on how and where the virus is still spreading.

However, news reports suggest that six states — Texas, Virginia, Vermont, Florida, Georgia, and Arizona — might be fudging their numbers in various ways that drum up support for decisions to lift stay-at-home orders.

Here are the decisions each state has made that might skew coronavirus numbers.

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