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Venture capitalist Semil Shah says a founder’s relationships matter more than ever in a work from home era.
As investors adjust to a new normal, they might not have “the mental headspace” to build a relationship with entrepreneurs they don’t know, according to the Haystack partner.
Shah said that institutional funds might be more inclined to spend their reserves funding and reinforcing their existing portfolio companies.
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As the coronavirus recession looms larger, venture capitalists are being forced to make tough decisions about how they invest their money — and relationships with startup founders are more important than ever.

The good news, says Semil Shah, one of Silicon Valley’s most prolific seed-stage investors, is that funding deals that were in the works before early March are still closing.

But, he says, the disruption and caution caused by the virus means a lot more uncertainty for startups looking to bring new investors into their next round.

“So much of this is a trust game,” Shah told Business Insider. “I don’t know in general if most VCs have the mental headspace right now to build a new relationship. I’m sure some do.”

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