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The coronavirus pandemic has led to a global shortage of face masks, and people around the world are making their own in response.
Face masks are used to protect people from the novel coronavirus. N95 respirators are face masks that block physical particles that spread COVID-19, like saliva and mucus, as well as 95% of airborne particles that spread the illness. Surgical masks, the other common type, can block physical particles, but not necessarily airborne ones.
Both types are hard to find amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
Face masks are only meant to be worn by sick people and healthcare professionals, according to the World Health Organization. But as the virus continues to spread, some countries, like Venezuela and parts of China, are ordering citizens to wear facemasks in public.
As global demand increases, companies are simply running out of face masks. People are making face masks out of everything from old t-shirts to 3D printing technology.
Some people are selling masks, like a seamstress in Mexico and a fashion designer duo in Venezuela. Others are giving them away for free, like several communities in Thailand and the Czech Republic.
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