If you’re Vanderpump Rules fan, you know that producers aren’t giving Scheana Marie a whole lot to do these days.

To be fair, she has no one but herself to blame for the fact that she’s been pushed to the margins.

Scheana isn’t paticularly close with the OG cast members, and these days, most of her scenes revolve around her interactions with the newcomers.

By that we mean Max, Dayna, Brad, Charli, Ryan, and other people whose names you haven’t bothered to learn.

In fact, there is no Ryan, we just snuck that in to see if anyone would notice.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs, especially since Scheana has been prematurely cast in the role of meddling cougar due to youthful nature of her new social circle.

Of course, there’s sort of delicious irony in that development.

After all, when the show started, Scheana was the much younger “other woman” accused of breaking up the marriage of Brandi Glanville, her boss’ BFF and a famous cougar in her own right.

These days, Scheana has joined the cougar club — but it’s not the first time that she and Brandi have been involved in the same venture.

They both slept with Eddie Cibrian of course, but …read more

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