Ford and GE announced Tuesday they are partnering to built ventilators, one of the most urgent shortfalls in America’s fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus — but they won’t start arriving until early June.

That’s “just one of several examples that underscored the price of the Trump administration’s slow response to evidence as early as January that the coronavirus was headed to the United States,” The New York Times reports. “Ford’s timeline suggested that if the administration had reacted to the acute shortage of ventilators in February, the joint effort between Ford and General Electric might have produced lifesaving equipment sometime in mid- to late April. A month later, the administration still does not appear to have a streamlined response to the pandemic.”

The Trump administration didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, because “we have a network in place that we as taxpayers have been funding to get us ready for something just like this,” Max Brooks, the author of World War Z and other virus-based apocalyptic novels, and a real-life emergency response expert, told Terry Gross on Tuesday’s Fresh Air, recorded Monday. The idea that America was unprepared for a pandemic like COVID-19 is “an …read more

Source:: The Week – Business


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