This newborn rodent is anything but prickly — at least for the near future!

At Walt Disney World‘s Animal Kingdom, the porcupette was born on Tuesday, Feb. 25, to mom Peri, who appears in the documentary One Day at Disney having an ultrasound performed on her by a veterinarian. The baby prehensile-tailed porcupine has not yet been named.

“After a long-awaited arrival, the team is delighted to welcome this cutie to the Disney family,” Dr. Mark Penning, vice president of animals, science, and environment at Disney Parks, wrote in a Disney Parks Blog post on Tuesday.

Penning noted that, though the Florida theme park is currently closed due to coronavirus concerns, an animal care team is still present to “provide top-notch care” for the newborn and other wildlife.

Covered in a red fur coat, the porcupette isn’t so prickly just yet; her quills begin to harden over time. The team of animal experts was even able to determine the sex of the baby by DNA-testing her quills.

“Coming to this conclusion required science and more than just a neonatal exam from the veterinary team,” wrote Penning. “Prehensile-tailed porcupines have internal sex organs, so to determine the baby’s gender, the team actually had …read more



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