Vicki gunvalson what coronavirus i can drink where i want

We have all seen that Vicki Gunvalson is filming again for some mysterious project. Maybe she should cut back on her social media videos.

As millions of Americans correctly practiced self-isolation, Vicki was partying in Palm Springs, and now she’s getting slammed for it.

We’ve all heard the stories of people who refuse to self-isolate for any reason despite being in the early weeks of a global pandemic.

No one blames the people who are out getting food, medicine, or other vital supplies.

But some people, particularly those whose political ideology makes them resistant to cooperation, have been ignoring common sense.

Unfortunately, it appears that Vicki has been risking her own health and that of many others all so that she can get hammered with friends.

“Daydrinking with my girl,” Vicki Gunvalson begins the ill-advised video that she shared to her Instagram Stories.

This was only after using the social media platform to share that she was drinking cosmos with her friends.

Vicki gushed: “It’s so much fun!”

Pausing and speaking very deliberately, as one might do after drinking, Vicki asks: “What coronavirus?”

Vicki then jokes about the notorious toilet paper shortage, which has left families and children in real need.

The cause is, of course, selfish people who simply …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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