This is Harry Styles stripped down. Unfortunately, it’s not in the same way as that Rolling Stone photo shoot. No, this is the 26-year-old sartorially fluid music icon with just a microphone, guitar, and modest backup band for NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series.

The likes of Taylor Swift, Lizzo (the same Lizzo he once joined for “Juice”), and Carly Rae Jepsen have appeared at NPR’s offices over the years to perform sets from behind tiny desks. Hence the series name. And now it’s Styles turn. Call it a nice reprieve from the coronavirus dominating the news cycle and halting our lives.

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Style played a set featuring “Cherry,” “Watermelon Sugar” (the longest it has taken for him to finish a song, he says), “To Be So Lonely,” and “Adore You” (complete with swivel chair dancing), all tracks off his most recent Fine Line album.

“I have to come into NPR more often. It’s nice here,” he remarked.

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In a lead-up to the performance — which was pre-recorded days earlier, by the way, for those concerned …read more



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