A top airline executive is weighing in on the viral debate surrounding reclining seats in airplanes — and sharing the proper etiquette for those who wish to do so.

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian gave his thoughts on whether a passenger should or shouldn’t recline during a flight when asked on CNBC this week.

“The proper thing to do is, if you’re going to recline into somebody, you ask if it’s OK first,” Bastian told CNBC’s Squawk Box Friday.

And while Bastian said that he personally doesn’t recline his seat on flights, that doesn’t mean that customers shouldn’t.

“I never recline, because I don’t think it’s something as CEO I should be doing, and I never say anything if someone reclines into me,” he said.

“I think customers have the right to recline,” but he added that the “proper thing to do is if you’re going to recline into somebody that you ask if it’s okay first, and then you do it.”

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“If someone knows there’s a tall person behind them and they want to recline their seat, I think the polite thing would be …read more

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