Platonic love is blooming at The Mia Foundation just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Herman the pigeon and Lundy the 8-week-old Chihuahua found themselves on the same dog bed at the New York-based non-profit — which is dedicated to giving pets with birth defects across the country a fighting chance — and both the animals seemed to be rather comfortable with the set up.

Herman has seniority at The Mia Foundation. The bird arrived at the rescue several years ago, after he was found sitting motionless at a car dealership for three days.

“Our main goals is take in animals born with birth defects,” Sue Rogers, who founded The Mia Foundation in 2012, told PEOPLE, adding that the non-profit has helped young dogs, cats, horses, goats, turkeys and even a donkey. “But people bring us injured birds and squirrels sometimes.”

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That’s how Herman ended up with Rogers; she received a call about the pigeon and agreed to take him in. With help from a mentor involved in wildlife rehab, Rogers was able to help the bird recover his strength, but Herman never regained the ability to fly, likely …read more



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