Brad Pitt and Ex-Wife

For the past several months, persistent rumors of a Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston reconciliation have been circulating on social media.

Actually, those rumors have been around since about the time Aniston got divorced from Justin Theroux, but they’ve really picked up steam in recent weeks.

Despite the fact that Brad won a freakin’ Oscar last week, the speculation that he’s back together with his ex remains one of the most widely-discussed aspects of this year’s award season.

It all started at the Golden Globes, where Aniston watched Pitt’s acceptance speech (he won there, too), and certain tabloids interpreted her attention as a sign that she thirsting for some immediate ex sex.

The following week, Brad and Jen were photographed backstage together at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Again, that might not seem like a very big deal, but the fact that they made physical contact was enough to send fans into a tizzy.

For many, the fact that Brad and Jen remained mum on the issue spoke volumes.

But the fact is, these two are far too famous and have been in the industry far too long to react to every rumor that comes down the pike.

Instead, they let “sources” close to them …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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