Prince Charles and his coronet meet again!

Queen Elizabeth‘s eldest son and heir visited the Tower of London with wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on Thursday, where he reunited with a special piece of his own royal history. They were shown the coronet — a small or simple crown worn by royals lesser than the monarch — that Charles wore at his investiture as the Prince of Wales in 1969.

The headpiece was designed by Louis Osman especially for Prince Charles‘ ceremony, as Queen Elizabeth‘s uncle Edward took the previous coronet with him — in an illegal act — after his 1936 abdication. That design had been created for King George V, who wore it at his father’s coronation in 1902. That crown made its way back to the Tower of London after Edward’s death in 1972, where it is on display with the coronet of Prince Frederick from 1728.

Charles’ coronet is a 24-carat gold base with a purple velvet cap and includes a gold-plated ping-pong ball (really!) in the center engraved with the Prince of Wales insignia. Surrounding the centerpiece are 13 square diamonds arranged as his star sign, the constellation Scorpio. It is also decorated …read more



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